Real-time delivery tracking

real-time tracking

You can track the location of your package in real-time.

You are able to see if your package has been picked up and where it is on route. This tracking will also provide you with an ETA.

You can only view the location of the courier in relation with your package and not other customers routes. Your information is secure.

Delivery notificatons


You have the option to receive real-time notifications through email or text on the status of your delivery. This includes when the courier is close to your pick up or delivery location.

UPCOMMING: notifications being sent directly to your Twitter or Facebook Messenger account 

Estimated time of dlivery

Real-time ETA

We provide real-time estimated time of arrival (ETA). This is based on routing software that takes into account the couriers route and delivery schedule and most importantly how urgently you need to have your package delivered.



We all have a role to play in our future. We believe our contribution lies in the impact we make in reducing the transportation industries' carbon footprint.

Our technology enables us to  create optimal routes for couriers to take to pick up and deliver more packages in a single route. Point to point based systems only contribute to adding more vehicles to the road. Our objective is to create a goods transportation sharing system, available to everyone.

Digital signatures

digital  signature

All Proof of Deliveries are captured and stored digitaly and is immediately available to you.

Two forms of proof of delivery is used, a customer signature or pictures taken of where a package has been securely left. We always try to get a signature first if not possible we will follow your instructions.

courir customer portal

customer portal

You can create an account without any prior approval and have access to your own intuitive customer portal where you can book deliveries and look up the status of your deliveries. View tracking information as well as POD's.

You can store your address and payment details securely.

UPCOMING: Single sign in with your Google, Facebook and Twitter accounts

easy payment

Payment methods

We accept all credit or debit cards or any form of payment. There is no extra charges. You have the option of storing your details securely for future payments.

UPCOMING: Apple Pay and Google Pay


Secured data

We treat your data as we would treat your packages. Your data is secure and protected.

Our systems use bank-level encryption,  SHA-256 and AES-256.

We are in the cloud - you will never experience any interruptions or potential loss of your valued data